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Lack of valuable guarantees from the service. No option to select a desired grade of paper. Prices are too cheap and may affect the quality of writing.
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Before you login and sign up to, you should look at alternative essay writing services, as there are many that can guarantee a whole lot more in terms of quality.

3 Top Rated Writing Services

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We decided it was time to review Speedy Paper, an essay writing service that targets Canadian students and claims to understand the requirements and standards set by institutions in Canada. The most important factor that any student has to consider is the fact that an essay writing service could turn out to be a scam, which is why it’s important for all students to survey reviews of essay writing services and decide: is legit?


SpeedyPaper offers essay writing services, and does offer different levels for undergraduate, masters, and PhD students. There’s a list of subjects to choose from, and you then add your specific topic. You also pick your references and your word count, however there are no options to select the grade you want and the subject list is very vague. For example, you can see that ‘History’ is an option, but there’s no option to break that down further, even though ancient history, modern history, and the histories of other countries around the world are extremely different. review


The main quality concern for is the fact that you can’t pick the grade you want. This means that if you fail, it could be difficult to get a refund, as they haven’t actually promised that you’ll pass or achieve any particular grade. There’s also little solid information regarding the writers, which is alarming as any reliable essay writing service places a massive focus on the quality of their writers.


The prices on this website are very low. Considering the high quality of the requirements of CA universities, it’s important to understand that you do need a high quality paper, and so you will need to pay for quality. The fact that you can get a 3000 word paper for $198 means that this is a little too cheap. The fact that you can’t pay more for higher quality, and can order a 3000 word paper with only a 24 hour turnaround for $275 indicates that papers are rushed and poor quality. There’s no discount code or coupon available, so you will most likely pay full price. prices


There’s live chat, email, and phone contacts, however considering that the site promises almost nothing, it would be hard to really complain or query anything and expect a concrete response.

  1. Zen Ha Zen Ha

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    • Jamie Moss Top Canadian Writers

      Hello Zen Ha,

      I would like to post your feedback, but you have used exactly the same text that was already posted somewhere else. Please write an original review and it will see the light. Thanks!

  2. Grand Fail Grand Fail

    These people are so unethical

    First, I paid a hefty price which I thought was fine in the beginning for a professional essay. It was an intermediate level science problem and paper that they had to do. When I ordered it, I expected something great because they promised an expert in the subject. Boy, was I wrong.

    First off, the solution to the problem they gave me was total mess and it wasn’t even accurate. It didn’t even match what I was looking for. I honestly have no idea what that was and my requirements were very clear, anyone with expertise in science would know how to do it in a heartbeat.

    Then they gave me another solution when I asked for a revision and it was wrong again and just as awful because it didn’t cover anything I told them to or even the half of it.
    I also asked them to update me with every stage so I can check and they failed to deliver anything for like 10 days before they finally sent something that was wrong again
    To me, it was very obvious that the writer had no idea what they were doing with my problem because they couldn’t do even the most basic formulas and they didn’t understand any of the terms I used. They didn’t even format my essay properly, which is something anyone in science would know how to do.

    Then when I asked for a refund, the scammers told me that it’s not possible because they gave me a solution and they assured me that it’s the way it’s supposed to be and that I don’t know better than their writer. COME ON.

    The writer was also nothing like they promised. The problem was not even near done and they say that it was correct. I CHECKED. Besides, anyone who’s not blind would be able to see that this paper is not on an appropriate academic level. More like middle school level or worse.

    I’m so disappointed. My money is gone and I don’t have anything to turn in so I had to do everything myself quickly to make up for the lost time.

  3. K O K O

    Unacceptable writing on any level above elementary school.
    Terrible service. Plus, no refund has yet been provided.

  4. Stephen N. Stephen N.

    So many ads and articles popping up about Speedy Paper that I thought they are real thing, but no, just no. Another bunch of low paid writers with no will or skill to write according to the simplest instructions. Waste of time and money for me 🙁

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