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Extremely low quality of writing, fraud and blackmailing complaints from previous customers. No Canadian phone number.
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My Assignment Help has set out to cater for Canadian students who need help with completing their assignments. However, the website still has a long way to go. With a limited selection of assignment types coupled with poor quality and high prices, students are better be ordering from some better rated assignment writing services.

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Students all over Canada are experiencing the same issues. With mounting pressures and ever-increasing workloads, people are finding it difficult to complete their work and assignments to their allotted deadlines. There’s simply not enough hours in the day. To eliminate this problem, custom writing services have been set up to handle your requests, allowing you enough time to focus on the more important aspects of life while still achieving your desired grades.


Referring to the services page, you’ll notice a diverse range of assignments to choose from. However, upon closer inspection, you’ll notice there are only eleven types to choose from, and the variety comes from the subjects on offer. This is a relatively limited amount of assignment types to choose from, and students may find that they have to go elsewhere to fulfill their requests.

myassignmenthelp ca review


As expected, the reviews page boasts nearly 10,000 5* reviews. However, searching online, I quickly discovered the website had received numerous complaints from past users. Many stated that money had been taken from their accounts and were unable to acquire a refund once requested successfully. When a refund was processed, they simply returned website credit, rather than funds, much to the disappointment of the users who didn’t want to use the site. Others report a low quality of work where their assignments were delivered with a tonne of mistakes that rendered their assignments unusable.


It’s very difficult to find an accurate quote for your assignment without inputting any personal information since there is no dedicated price page. Users can expect to pay a couple of hundred dollars for a few pages which is unsuitable for an average student budget, especially those already living on a tight budget.


There are a few methods you can use to contact the website. There are phone numbers for UK, US, AUS and NZ users but no dedicated line for Canadian students. You could fill out the email form or use the built-in live chat feature, but that has been considered unreliable in the past by other users.

  1. Racquel O Racquel O

    Summarization of Below:
    – Instructions not followed
    – Did not complete assignment better than my previous one
    – Horrible refund policy
    – Spelling and Grammar Mistakes
    – Not willing to negotiate
    – Over priced
    – Plagiarism

    I provided attached files which had instructions of how to complete the assignment, along with my previous marked assignment (that I didn’t do well in), in order for the expert to follow. The expert did not read these attachments and created an assignment that was worst then my previous one, although they guarantee a higher grade.

    I requested a refund and was declined because they claimed they submitted an assignment with quality. Mind you, there was spelling mistakes, grammar issues and insufficient logic overall. For instance, calling Canadian provinces countries. There was also plagiarism found in the assignment, which could get me expelled from my University.

    Not only did they deny my refund, they requested me to pay additional money in order to have the assignment completed efficiently.

    They will probably respond to this, making it seem like they’re going to help. This is to manipulate other customers in thinking they provide great assistance, it’s all a front. Almost a scam. SAVE YOUR MONEY.

  2. Anonymous Anonymous

    They will take your money and leave you with nothing. Beware.

  3. Bob 401 Bob 401

    My Assignment Help has a long track record of a poor reputation. I suppose the only thing that keeps them from facing consequences is that they are unreachable, since they are located in India.

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