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No samples of work, no price calculator, no support via phone
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While EduBirdie seems to be a website with strong online presence, there are some parts of it to be improved. There is no way to verify a quality of work produced by the writer since there are no samples of work. Edubirdie also doesn’t have a phone number for clients, so the only way to talk is via chat or ‘contact us’ form. The last thing that we absolutely didn’t like is that you have to give them your email address before even seeing the price of the services. There are better alternative services, that are open about their prices and specific about the grades you can expect when you hand in a paper.  

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We decided it was time to review EduBirdie. As there has been a proliferation of essay writing services spring up in the last few years, it’s wise to check out reviews before you engage the services of any site as many turn out to be a scam. For this reason, before you hire anyone to write your paper, you need to ask yourself ‘is legit?’

Services offers to write papers on a full range of subjects, and will also provide a full list of tasks. However, the services provided don’t offer you the chance to select a grade, you simply choose standard, premium or platinum quality. This is concerning, as when you login and make an order, you should be able to select the grade you want. That way, you know exactly what you’re buying and have guarantees regarding your grades, and can get a refund if you don’t get the grade you want. Only being able to select vague ‘quality’ levels makes this a risky business to rely on. review


Canadian colleges have high standards for their students, and so you need to make sure that any service you hire can meet the standards that you need. In Canada, you’d need highly educated native English speakers, however none of that is guaranteed by There are some profiles for the writers, however these do look a little fake to us – you may want to review them yourself and see what you think. Also, there are no samples of their writing anywhere on the website.


One of the strangest things about this website is that you can’t see a price at all until you provide your details and give the website your email address. This means that not only is there no discount code or coupon available, but it means that you can’t get a quick quote to compare this with other websites. For a lot of people, this is instantly off-putting, as they prefer transparency before they hand over their details or make any commitment to a business. how it works


There is only an email address and a live chat window if you want support, not a phone number which is often the most effective way to get support when you need it. As the chat window seems robotic, you’d need to hope replies to their emails when you need help.

  1. dj fresh dj fresh

    Too much hype about Edubirdie for nothing. Just another company paying cents to their writers while taking big bucks from the customers. Underpaid writers can’t produce quality work.

  2. John Cmeth John Cmeth

    this company just wasting your time, never pay to this kind of writer they are really useless. they only looking to get your money once you pay them you cannot do anything and they have your money if you ask them for original work they only do nothing giving you useless work. you do yourself, i believe this is a fake and the writer even not from the canada or USA. the writer profile description are not true and none of them expert. all they claiming they have phd and or they are professors but believe me they lying and that is not true. they are basic english speaker in Asian countries like India and china. so Do NOT give your money for useless services.

  3. Michael Michael

    These people hire writers from India I think, my experience was far from best, they’re not native English speakers

  4. Mijan Mijan

    It is a totally fake site. I paid $140 to write a 4/5 page paper from my selected readings with a writer named Prof. Academia, he just copied and paraphrased the whole paper and wrote sentences from where I have no idea and put names of the authors from the readings I gave! It was a total fraud, I asked to return my money but it is now taking 3 days to check it and then it says it is uncertain if they can return your hard earned money. It is not only waste of money, but time and your grade! You will not even fail, rather your prof will directly take you as drunk or understand that someone else has written your work and if you want to survive you can only fight with these invisible people but you will just get nothing. So, I am telling this from my own experience to caution you to give any work to this website. It is a total fake. I hope it helps at least some people.

  5. my short story my short story

    A complete disaster, I had to do it on my own all over again

  6. Carole Carole

    This is actually bad, they put too much budget into promotion of their brand, but not the quality of the service

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