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No samples available, lack of requirements asked during ordering, high cost of additional features
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It’s understandable to want to check out other reviews, however it is advisable to seek an alternative writing service as doesn’t ask for enough information to produce anything good, nor does it offer you any guarantees at all. There’s nothing you can rely on with this website.

3 Top Rated Writing Services

Rank Service Rating
#1 canadian writings logo Canadian Writings 4.9/5 read review visit site
#2 boom essays logo Boom Essays 4.8/5 read review visit site
#3 x essays logo X Essays Company 4.6/5 read review visit site

Canada Essay Writing is an online essay writing service that offers papers specifically for Canadian students. However, the hardest aspect of ordering a paper for most students is deciding: is Canada Essay Writing legit, or is it a scam? This honest review is aiming to help students decide where to place their trust in terms of finding someone to help them out with their education.


The services available with are the typical services you’d expect. You select the subject you want from a drop down list, and then type your more specific topic. You also select the word count, though there’s no space to dictate the number of references you need, and no space to select the grade you want, which is concerning. You login to make your order, but they don’t seem to ask for enough information to write a good paper for a CA university. review


You have  to pay significantly more for a ‘Top 5 Writer’, though there is still no guarantee that you will get an A or a B when you pay extra for this. There’s also a bit of a lack of information that they ask for that make it doubtful that they are able to produce the paper you want. A reliable essay writing service, unlike CanadaEssayWriting, would ask a lot more about the requirements and your preferences of essay, especially regarding references and grades.


This is a pretty expensive service, and there’s no obvious discount code or coupon available. This makes it difficult to justify using, as if you’re paying this much, you’d want a guarantee that you’d get an A, which is just not provided here. For example, using a Top 5 Writer, a 3000 word English Literature essay with a 5 day turnaround would cost $792. This would be more expensive if you had a shorter deadline, or a longer essay.


There’s a live chat window, and a link to social media pages. However, as the social media pages haven’t been updated in more than a year, it’s doubtful that you won’t receive too much support. It would be very hard to get a refund or any kind of help using these available methods.

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