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No sign of Canadian writers or any Canada-oriented services. No phone number or email support. The main website of the service is essay database.
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Unfortunately, I expected far better things from, and although this seems like a good service on the outside, it leaves a lot to be desired. You’ll be far better off heading over to a more reputable custom writing service.

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Claiming itself to be one of the better custom essay writing services, Bla Bla Writing states that it has a range of professional writers, a tonne of reference material to source information, fast 6-hour turnaround times and a 100% confidential service.

It’s easy to see why Canadian students would think that this is a legit service, but is it the right one for you? Let’s find out.


There’s no definitive services list to be found on the website, and the only way to find out whether actually covers your required assignment is by heading over to the order page and using the drop-down menu where you select your order. review

There are around 25+ services available for you to choose from, with most of the most common assignment types covered.  However, many of the most popular custom essay writing services can offer in excess of 50+ services, which may leave some students feeling rather limited here.


There are two service reviews you can find on the homepage of, neither of which give an accurate representation of the service provided and are not dated so could be made up or years out of date, leading me to believe that the service is illegitimate.

While searching online for more answers, I found a handful of reviews since the service isn’t very popular and found that the quality of the content produced wasn’t of the highest quality.


When it comes to pricing, Bla Bla Writing operates a very strange system where the writers of the site will bid for your work amongst each other, and then you get to pick the writer that best suits your quality requirements and budget.

However, most of the writers will keep their prices high for obvious reasons, and low prices typically mean low quality. There is no price per page system on the site.


There are very limited ways to contact the company if you need to make an enquiry. Of course, there’s a live chat system on the website, but this is it.

There are no email addresses, no phone numbers, no physical addresses and no social media links. You will have direct contact with your writer while the task is active, but if the writer doesn’t perform, you’ve not got anybody to turn to for help.

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    This website’s main purpose is to publish essay samples online, so just be sure that the paper you ordered will one day get published and you will not be able to do anything about it

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