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Reliable service that aimed specifically at academic requirements of Canada and US
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All in all, we’d happily recommend Academized as a writing service to you. The quality of the essays we saw was some of the best around, which is possibly the most important thing. As well as that, the range of services and the good pricing mean they’re well worth using.

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Today’s students are finding it hard to keep up with the workload they’re under, thanks to all the demands on their time. Academized is a site that offers to handle assignments for you when you can’t, giving you more free time to handle the other responsibilities in your life. Are they a service you can trust? Read on to find out.


First things first, you need to know what kind of services that this writing service can provide to you. We took a look at what they had on offer on their website.

There’s a lot on offer, and Academized detail what exactly they can do in each category. For example, in writing services, they offer services such as research papers, dissertations, and of course essay writing. They can also handle math and science papers if that’s what you need. There’s an editing service too, if you already have the assignment complete.

It’s a good and varied range of services, and we imagine most students will get what they need here. review


Most students feel the most important part of any writing service is the quality of the writing they put out. After all, you want to get the best grades possible. We’ve looked at reviews from customers, samples, and the website itself to see what the quality is like here.

The website itself is of good quality, well laid out, and featuring excellent writing. This is often a good indication of a quality service, so this is good news so far.

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Having looked at samples and reviews, it seems that the writing you can buy is of a good quality too. Customers report getting good grades with the papers they bought. We looked at the way writers reference sources, handle the subject manner, and answer the questions given. It’s clear that their writers are experienced in this field.


Now, every order with Academized will be priced slightly differently. This is the case with most writing sites, as every assignment is different. As an example though, a 2 page essay, to be delivered within 10 days, would cost $29.98 USD. This is slightly cheaper than a lot of other writing services, so this is a point in its favor. free features

There are discounts you can take advantage of too. These include 15% off your first order, and lifetime discounts of up to 15% when you make repeat orders.

Customer Support

If you need help with your order, there’s a lot of ways you can get in touch with the support team. These include phone, email, live chat, and more. We saw that responses were usually quite speedy, important when you’re up against a deadline. Most reports say that customers have had a positive experience with them.

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  1. cashnew cashnew

    ordered a personal statement once, was ok

  2. our little secret our little secret

    I started using Academized as a result of the recommendation by a friend. I noticed he always had the highest grade on every essay and I knew he was too busy to sit and go through the stress of writing. I had been putting so much effort into writing my own essays but I never scored high grades. When I approached him, he told me about this site but I didn’t believe any website could write that well.

    Next time we had an assignment and his essay was the best again, I decided to try out My essay grades have skyrocketed since then. He and I top the class in every essay and I would totally recommend this website to anybody who wants to have the same results.

  3. Stan Stan

    very professional

  4. Liam Liam

    My papers are always in order and include all the important points that need to be added. They even add extra things that should be there but I didn’t remember to ask for.

  5. logan logan

    working with academized is always a great experience for me

  6. Jane Jane

    Ordered one paper, got it on time and the quality was good. Will order again.

  7. Lorane S. Lorane S.

    Thank you so much I didn’t need to edit anything

  8. customs customs

    Academized has always been my best site. The kind of work they produce is outstanding.

  9. Jess Jess

    they are quite good at what they do, can recommend

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