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Jamie Moss 3
Hidden pricing, unclear list of services, no live chat or phone number support available.
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Overall, Go Nerdify seems to be like an interesting idea with a weak implementation. With no way to get any information about pricing or services without giving away your personal information such as phone number it’s worth noting that there are much more reputable services out there.

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Go Nerdify claims to be one of those custom Canadian writing services that are there for you when you need them the most. Students all over the world, not just in Canada, are encountering the same problems where there are simply not enough hours in the day to get everything, which is why many are turning to sites like this.

However, is this the right service for you? Let’s find out!


When it comes to the services that Gonerdify offer, the website is very unclear. There are no dedicated services to the page to say whether they offer guidance, writing services, dissertation services or question answering. It’s actually a complete mystery. review

However, the site does claim that you can text them your number and ask for any service that you might need to college, which means that, in theory, they can offer everything you could ask for. The only way to tell is by texting them to find out.


There are no testimonial or review pages to be found anywhere on the website, so it’s hard to judge the overall quality of the work provided.

Searching online, the website has rather mixed reviews with overall ratings stating it’s 8.8 out of ten and others stating that it’s 2/10. However, the more recent reviews are all negative and have claimed that the website was late for delivery, the quality was unacceptable, and they feel overcharged.

There is a fair bunch of 1 star reviews on their Facebook page with detailed description why exactly people are disappointed with, some of them are even claiming that they were refused to be given a refund.


Much like the services page, there is no dedicated pricing page, and the website will quote you for the work on an individual basis. Prices can vary dramatically, depending on what kind of work you’re after but the reviews mentioned above state they were paying in excess of $165 for an essay that was only a couple of pages long. prices


There is also no contact page to be found anywhere on the website. The only contact information I could find is located in the footer of the website and contains a physical US address and a single email address.

There’s no dedicated email addresses, no live chat feature, no email form or Canadian-dedicated support lines. This may leave some Canadian students feeling like they’re in the dark.

  1. Tevin Tevin

    I would agree with Grace Choi who reviewed them at their Facebook page – they pretend to be loyal and caring by asking your order ID and so on when you have problems with them, but it’s only a public acting and they do nothing to fix your problems with a shitty paper they sent your for a hard earned money you paid

  2. its snowing out there its snowing out there

    in my opinion its just another writing service with some african writers pretending to use some AI and geeks

    the only difference with other low rated services is that they start by taking your phone number and only then you will be giving them other details for your paper

  3. Shan r Shan r

    Horrible service!!!!!!! they don’t care at ALL about your paper. Everything was wrong in the paper I had gotten back, even though i clarified what i needed and had sent my entire textbook notes and lectures and clarified what my prof was looking for. They are giving me such a hard time to issue a refund, and it was so overpriced for the poor effort put into it.

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