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Top 3 Custom Writing Services of Canada

Writing a thesis can be very difficult for a student, especially when they have a lot of other work on at the same time as well. Often, students have to hire in a bit of help from writing services in CA and it can be overwhelming knowing which Canadian service to go with.

We did a bit of research to answer within this review, is legit? To find out what we thought of them and whether they are reliable or a scam, keep reading!


Despite their name, Canada Thesis Writing Service are also available to offer their services to students who are needing some help with their dissertations, essays, editing as well as proofreading. review


When we looked online to find out what other people thought of CanadaThesisWritingService we were unable to find any reviews online at all. However, if their website is anything to go by then the quality will not be too great. When we visited their website, we found an array of spelling mistakes throughout which does not show off the talent of the people they hire.


So you can get an idea of what they typically charge, we have put together a price example using their pricing calculator.

If you were to order an undergraduate thesis that you needed back within 10 days, you are looking to pay $15.11. Please note that this price is per 275 words. This price also includes their 30% discount code being taken off. prices

They do not offer any other coupons to their customers other than 30% off any order.


As we mentioned above, we struggled to find any written reviews on this company at all. To make it weirder, we also could not find them anywhere on social media, which doesn’t do much for making them seem trustworthy.

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