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Samples of average quality, no information about website anywhere on the Internet
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We were shocked to not be able to find any information about the company that wasn’t on their website, so you would be better off with an alternative service in CA who you are able to verify far better.

Top 3 Custom Writing Services of Canada


We understand the importance of doing your research before purchasing or ordering a custom paper from a writing service in Canada. That is why we have done all of the researching for you to put together this review. Is legit? Read on to find out whether they are reliable, or just another scam.


CA Best Essay Writing offers a range of writing services to their Canadian customers. Not only are they available for custom essay writing services but they are also able to offer dissertation, resume, editing and many more academic services. review


When we did a bit of research to try and find out what kind of quality work they produce, we unfortunately could not find a single review on the company anywhere online. However, we did notice that they have a few sample papers published on their website and upon reading through them we noticed that the quality of their work is fairly average.


So you have an idea of what CABestEssayWriting charge, we have put together a sample price for you to have a look at. If you were to order a paper from them that was due back within 7 days, it would cost you $12.95.

However, what they fail to tell you is what service is this for – dissertation, resume or even proofreading? How many words does this include and what grade should you be looking at achieving? prices

They also offer a few discount codes to their customers but they are not particularly great. To get 10% off, you need to order 50 pages and if you order 100 pages you will get 15% off your price.

They say on their website that they operate a money back guarantee, so that you can get a refund if you are not happy. However, we have seen before with many services who do not carry through with it.


As we mentioned above, we were unable to find any trace of the company anywhere other than on their website. They do not seem to have social media accounts or any reviews posted online. Which is very odd of a company who is claiming to be one of the best.

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